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Union Shops



Many signs made in New York from the late 1940s through the 1970s bear small "Union Made" decals. Small numerals on these decals denote which shop made which sign. To date, I have been able to identify only a few of the numeric codes. If anyone reading this can identify more, please e-mail me.

SHOP NO. 2: Unknown

Pearl St. Diner, Manhattan

SHOP NO. 3: Grauer Sign Co. »

SHOP NO. 7: Unknown

Cambridge Liquors, Manhattan

SHOP NO. 11: Unknown

Olympia Florist, Manhattan

S.M. Rose Chevrolet, Bronx

SHOP NO. 14: Unknown

Liquors (6th Av.), Manhattan

SHOP NO. 16: Unknown

DuMont, Brooklyn

SHOP NO. 17: Unknown

P&G Bar, Manhattan

Uptown (J. Braun) Liquors, Manhattan

SHOP NO. 19: Unknown

Angelo's of Mulberry Street, Manhattan

SHOP NO. 23: Serota Sign Corp. »


"Union Made" decal at Uptown (J. Braun) Liquors





















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