Selected links to some interesting online resources on related topics:

New York Neon on flickr.com - A selection of photos from this site at Flickr.com.

Vanishing New York Blog - Keeping up on bits of old New York losing the race against time (and the developers).

Lost New York Blog - Keep current on disappearing neighborhood institutions in the five boroughs.

Project Neon - Kirsten Hively's photographic tribute to neon New York, old and new.

Forgotten-NY.com - if you've found nyneon.org, chances are you're already well familiar with Forgotten-NY.com - if not, now's the time!

Debra Jane's Roadside Architecture around the USA - A gallery of commercial archeology par excellence.

New York neon photoraphy by Steve Garza

The one... the only... the superb 14to42.net

Matt Weber's brilliant photos of New York neon et al - some of the most evocative images of "the gritty years."

Frank Jump's Fading Ad Campaign - mostly painted wall signs.

Gotham Lost & Found - David Freeland explores surviving traces of old New York presumed lost. If you like this subject, be sure to read David's really great book, Automats, Taxi Dances & Vaudeville.

Ephemeral New York - Fantastic odds and ends of fading NYC history.

Keep up with Coney Island at Amusing the Zillion.

Hudson Valley Ruins - My other project, a photographic travelogue of historic sites threatened by neglect in New York's Hudson River Valley. Co-authored with Rob Yasinsac.

Hudson Valley Signs Gallery at Hudson Valley Ruins - An off-shoot of Hudson Valley Ruins, this is a gallery of great old signs in the Hudson Valley.

Neon Museum / Las Vegas - When in Las Vegas be sure to visit the Neon Museum.

Museum of Neon Art / Los Angeles - The Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles pioneered a unique public-private program to preserve historic neon signs in-situ.

American Sign Museum / Cincinnati - Neon and other historic signs from across the country displayed year-round.

The Preservation of Historic Signs, by Michael J. Auer - A U.S. Department of the Interior Preservation Brief.

Signs of the Times Magazine - The leading journal of the American sign industry since 1906.

Artistic Neon - Second Generation full-service neon in Ridgewood, Queens.

Let There Be Neon - Specialty neon sign shop promoting neon art for nearly 40 years, co-founded by neon historian Rudi Stern. Site includes a good history of the neon sign industry.

EGL Lighting - Keeping New York lit and well informed with this very handy neon glossary.

Artkraft Strauss - The company that brought us most of Times Square's more memorable spectaculars. Site includes a great gallery of historic images.

I Love Typography Blog - Typography news and some of the best typography history on the web.

Helvetica & The New York City Subway - Slightly off-topic, but - an eye-opening and incredibly insightful study of sign typography in the New York City Subway.

The John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History at Duke University

Shorpy.com - A somewhat random gallery of remarkable historic photographs showing New York and other American scenes at the last turn of the century.

TypeArchive.com - A photographic roundup of classic typography found in outdoor advertising and elsewhere, world-wide.


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